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Women’s Mental Wellness: Coping and Responding to Covid -19

Collin C. Ceneciro1, Mary Fe M. Dela Cruz2
Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College
RT Lim Boulevard, Baliwasan, Zamboanga City, Philippines





The COVID 19 pandemic greatly creates impact to the women in the education sector, specifically in their mental health. Quantitative in nature, this research assessed how the 200 women – teachers and students – reacted and adjusted with the varying mental adversities amidst the crisis brought about by the pandemic. To better understand the respondents’ coping mechanisms and responses, a comprehensive survey, as a research instrument, was conducted. The study revealed that feeling unsafe, less calm, worried, apprehension, being immersed in information confusion, and being in a high emotional state are the most dominant mental adversities experienced by the research participants. To cope with such mental adversities, the respondents exercised health compliance, engaged in open communication, and immersed in entertainment activities, and active campaign against COVID-19. This research highlights the importance of women’s mental health status identification amidst a pandemic crisis for academic institutions and the government to introduce intervention programs addressing women’s mental adversities during crises.

Keywords: COVID-19 Pandemic, women, mental health, coping and responding

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