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Working To-Get-There: Student and teacher relationship towards a meaningful teaching and learning Experience

Jenalyn T. Gamboa1, Lyka Jade D. Arceo2, Rizza Marie B. Guico3
Angelene N. Lacson4, Patricia M. Sugarno5, John Robby O. Robinos6, LPT, Ph.D.
jenalyngamboa32@gmail.com1, arceolykajade4@gmail.com2, rizzamarieguico@gmail.com3, lacsonangelene20@gmail.com4, patriciasugarno700@gmail.com5,

Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Binan Campus1-6
University of Perpetual Help System DALTA – Molino Campus6



The enhancement of a meaningful learning experience becomes more pronounced when positive relationships exist between teachers and students. Student-teacher relationships (STR) are intricately tied to the everyday scenarios prevalent in the current generation. They exert significant effects on student engagement, encompass common challenges that may impede the establishment of positive rapport, and are perceived to influence the actualization of a meaningful teaching and learning experience. Employing a convergent mixed-method approach, the study utilized an expert-validated interview protocol and survey questionnaire. Audio-taped semi-structured interviews and surveys among purposively selected (n=16) and randomly picked (n=250) Grade 10 students and teacher-participants computed through the Raosoft sample size calculator in Southville 5A Integrated National High School were performed. Based on the descriptive statistical tools and thematic analysis with themes validation through focus group discussion, the most common STR situations relate to collaborative, encouraging, and respectful affairs among students and teachers. The most common effects of STR on students’ engagement are linked to active participation, increased interest to learn, and improved self-confidence. Meanwhile, factors that hinder positive STR correlate with ineffective communication, poor classroom environment, and high teacher expectations. Further, positive STR impacts authentic learning, the realization of equity and equality, and the idea of learning from setbacks. To-Get-There and successfully achieve meaningful teaching-and-learning experiences, the study recommends ways to foster positive STR, addressing challenges, establishing effective communication including expectations, consistent provision of equal and equity opportunities, and the nurture of values among students and teachers such as empathy, respect, self-growth, and reflective thinking.

Keywords: Convergent-parallel mixed research approach, Meaningful teaching-and-learning experiences, Student-teacher relationships, Binan City, Laguna, Philippine

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