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Educare: A Video Production for Teachers in Response to Education 4.0 in Cavite Province

Primo P. Villanueva, Jr.1, Bethel Z. Hernandez2
University of Perpetual Help System GMA
GMA Cavite, Philippines1-2




Trainings and seminars in education have spoken much on the advent of Education 4.0 and have advanced to Education 5.0. It implies that education is towards artificial intelligence or machine learning. The digital technology grew fast. Gadget dependence was very evident even to learners. Informal and nonformal education took place on the internet through gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, etc. Influences of social media is high including the young ones and adults, even to professionals. It is projected that the
main problem arising is on the attitude, skills and knowledge of teachers adapting advanced digital technology towards the goal of education 5.0. This study explored on attitude, skills, and knowledge KSA model of business resolving the so-called education institution and industry gap. Bloom’s domain of learning and the structured functional theory were applied, leading to the conception of 4C shells of mind, specifically, critical thinking, creative thinking, communication skills and character. Teachers from different legislative districts of province of Cavite served as respondents utilizing survey questionnaire thru google forms. Percentage, base and rate, and ranking principles were used. Descriptive statistics, such measures of central tendency, measures of position and measures of variation were determined and analyzed. Inferential tools such as Z-test, Analysis of Variance, Tukey’s Honestly Significant Difference test, Levene’s test of homogeneity were employed. The results were evaluated using 8 Scale Balanced Value-Agreement Equivalence. The proponents found out that the teachers have a very high positive attitude in adapting digital advancements in terms of sex, age, type of service school and grade level. Attitude was quite affected by lack of knowledge on the advancements on digital technology. Also, the teachers utilized different digital technology in giving activities to their respective learners. Hence, the study recommended more trainings and workshops, face to face or online, for teachers. An additional teacher’s skill, lesson video production, must be developed. This can enhance their critical and creative thinking, communication skills and character. Its development, also, leads to a magazine of lesson “magazsson” production seen to empower the attitude, skills, and knowledge of teachers. In line, a classroom studio “classtudio” must be designed and provided to strengthen the lesson video and production skills and abilities meeting the goal of teaching as a science and art.

Keywords: Education 4.0, GMA Cavite, EDUCARE, Video Production, Teachers, Lecture Video, Technology

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