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Emerging Distributed Leadership Frameworks as Practiced in Public Secondary Schools

Arlene R. Laylo, Ed.D.1, Elisa N. Chua, PhD2
1Dr. Panfilo Castro National High School, Candelaria East District, Division of Quezon
2Laguna State Polytechnic University San Pablo City Campus, Philippines





Empowering school teams and personnel considered as essential component to expand community participation and involvement in school organization to deliver quality education services to improve school performances. It determines the manifestation of emerging distributed leadership and its relationship to School-Based management and organizational commitment. It was an attempt to identify the most practiced distributed leadership frameworks that reflects the inter-correlation on the concept of different authors about the emerging distributed leadership practice. It pertains to interactive, appreciative, and adaptive distributive leadership. It was determined the manifestation of emerging distributed leadership frameworks as obtained from 715 respondents from public secondary schools in the Division of Quezon who were purposively selected. The study utilized the descriptive method of research. Aside from quantitative data to determine the correlational analysis, the qualitative data also used to strongly support the qualitative results. In general, correlational analysis of the study found out that there was a significant relationship between emerging distributed leadership, School-Based Management practices and organizational commitment. The study illustrates that the distributed leadership frameworks ware being manifested to achieve school effectiveness that develop school structural change and innovation to sustain quality education engaging school heads, teachers, and other stakeholders.

Keywords: Distributed Leadership, Organizational Commitment, Adaptive, Appreciative and Interactive

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