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Improving The Grade 7 Students’ Problem-Solving Skills In Physics Through ReGiFoSoFi Method

Joefrey S. Asuela, Diana Rose G. Cudiamat
Shaira Joy L. Galloniga, Adrian Paul E. Mangay-Ayam, Tricia L. Gundran
ISPSC-Main Campus, Philippines



This action research aimed to find out if the use of ReGiFoSoFi Method is effective in improving the problem-solving skills of the 30 students of Grade 7-Amethyst of Dr. Ricardo Gacula Memorial National High School during the Academic Year 2022-2023. This action research made use of the One Group Pre-Test Post-Test research design in determining the level of problem-solving skills of the respondents before and after the utilization of ReGiFoSoFi Method. The data gathering instrument utilized in this action research was a 40-point teacher-made test which is composed of a 15-item multiple choice and a five-item problem solving with the use of a rubric in checking. For the analysis and interpretation of the results, the statistical tools frequency and percentage, mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, t-test, and gain ratio were used. Based on the findings, the researchers arrived at the following conclusions: (1) the level of problem-solving skills of Grade 7-Amethyst in Physics improved from Very Poor to Very Satisfactory, (2) ReGiFoSoFi Method is an effective strategy in improving the problem-solving skills of Grade 7-Amethyst in Physics, and (3) there is a good increase in the post-test scores of the students after the implementation of ReGiFoSoFi Method. Based on the conclusions, the following recommendations are set forth: (1) The school administrators may continue to encourage their teachers to attend training and workshops concerning strategies and methods in teaching science, for them to formulate new strategies to improve the skills of the students like ReGiFoSoFi for problem-solving skills in physics, (2) the science Teachers may adopt ReGiFoSoFi Method in teaching physics-related problems, (3) the students may engage themselves on the proper and systematic way of solving a problem using ReGiFoSoFi Method, and (4) a further study may be concluded using ReGiFoSoFi Method in teaching other physics-related topics to a wider and different group of respondents.

Keywords: ReGiFoSoFi Method, Problem-Solving Skills, Physics

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