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In Time of Uncertainties: Distance Learning and Functional Health of Grade 11 Students in A Public Senior High School in the Philippines

Trece Martires City Senior High School
Trece Martires City, Cavite, Philippines1-3



The COVID-19 pandemic has a massive impact globally more specifically in the education sector. In the Philippines, the Department of Education offered varied modes of learning delivery to continue the education of the Filipino learners amidst the contagion. Online Learning Delivery (ODL) is one favored by students who have gadgets and access to the internet. However, this kind of modality may affect the functional health of the learners. This descriptive-comparative study examined the functional health status of the 77 Grade 11 online distance learners of Trece Martires City Senior High School. It also aims to develop intervention activities to lessen the adverse effects of online learning to the functional health of the students. The Online Learning and Physical Inactivity Questionnaire was used to collect data which were analyzed through descriptive statistics such as frequency and percentage, mean, and Mann Whitney U test in ascertaining the significant differences between the profile of the respondents and the eight contributing factors to their functional health. Findings of the study revealed that majority of the respondents were 17 years old and below, with more female than male students. No significant difference was found between age and any of the factors of functional health. However, it was found out that that there was a significant difference between gender and role limitations due to emotional problems, but no significant difference was determined between gender and the seven factors of functional health. This implies that the functional health status of the respondents does not differ significantly. Lastly, the functional health of the students stands at fair denoting that their participation in online learning lowers their functional health. Thus, it is recommended that physical activities like energizers be regularly incorporated and conducted during online classes to lessen the prolonged sedentary period. Furthermore, the school, teachers, parents and students should coordinate to provide necessary intervention activities for a better functional well-being of the ODL learners.

Keywords: online distance learning, functional health, Grade 11 students

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