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Integrating ICT Toward Efficient Registration System in Division of Batangas Province

Dr. Ma. Leticia Jose C. Basilan &  Reynan G. Baesa
Bauan Technical High School, Batangas, Philippines





Technology plays a vital role in today’s generation. In the world where the only change is constant, technology is inevitable even in disseminating information. With this technological change, computerbased mechanisms and schemes also coped up with the advances. The development of technology, devices and machineries have been developed and reversed in order to meet the demands of the new world. Various systems are designed to be accurate, efficient and beneficial to the user. Most institutes today recognize the importance of computers in meeting the pressing market demands. In the local context, the Division of Batangas Province fully supports and promotes the K-12 curriculum and offers three Strands under Senior High School. The said division has been very serious in accepting new students yet they still deal with manual enrollment system. It is undeniable that in the Division of Batangas, Senior High schools have the current situation in terms of listing and sectioning, manual listing before encoding, time consumption, a large number of enrollees and the quality of education given. In this qualitative research which maximized Discourse Analysis, the paper withheld that the problems encountered while enrolling are a long process of manual enrollment, limited place, and the school has insufficient facilitators making it hard to accommodate all the enrollees. With this, Registrar’s offices of the whole division will be empowered with greater efficacy and efficiency during the enrolment period. Moreover, accuracy, information dissemination and faster release of results would more likely be gained with the ICT based enrolment scheme. WWW or Website as a Working Weapon was developed with an online form for the enrolment system of the said school and being proposed.

Keywords: Online enrolment, ICT based registration, discourse analysis, scheme, technology, computers

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